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Planning Your First Workshop

Almost every shopworker will tell you that the most important room in their house has to be their workshop. A workshop is a sanctuary of sorts and...

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F G-75 Belt Grinder: “Go Fast or Go Home”

Remember back in the days of chrome reverse wheels with baby moons and when it was all about cubic inches (not liters) that produced horsepower and...

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What Hydraulic Presses Can Do For You

Do you remember what you would do with a spare penny back in the day at the age of 12? If you were like a lot of kids that penny was destined to be...

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How to Prepare for a Metalworking Career

Industry experts have been warning of a shortage of skilled workers for several years. Baby boomers have been retiring, and fewer young people are...

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Stimulate Your Creativity in a Home Metalworking Shop

Do-it-yourselfers and hobbyists typically tend toward the woodworking side when they initially decide to set up a workshop. Others favor designing...

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The Versatility of the Hydraulic Press

If you own an auto repair business or just like to work on your own or friends’ cars in your garage, you might be surprised to know that a hydraulic...

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Dake Lab Presses are a Hot Commodity

Laboratory presses are in demand—and for good reasons. Scientists and researchers prefer these versatile machines because they can meet the rigorous...

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The Outlook for Manufacturing in 2021 and Beyond

Most industries are looking to put 2020 in their rearview mirrors, and manufacturing is no exception. With the “black swan” event of the COVID-19...

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Benefits and Applications of the C-Frame Hydraulic Bench Press

C-frame presses are a common type of hydraulic press. Sometimes known as a “gap-frame press,” the C-frame derives its name from and is easily...

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Horizontal Bandsaws Don't Get Enough Respect!

Horizontal bandsaws are essential machines in most fabrication and machine shops. And if you're designing a metalworking shop for your workshop or...

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