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Replacement Parts for Your Vintage Dake Machines

Replacement Parts

If there is one characteristic about Dake products that stands out among all the rest, it’s the fact that our machines are built to last.

Founded back in 1887, Dake has spent the past 133 years building the best metalworking machinery in the industry. Our products are so well-made that you can find vintage machines working perfectly today.

From arbor presses to bandsaws and everything in-between, our high-quality machines have proven to withstand the test of time. When you purchase a Dake machine, you can count on its reliability and its sustainability and pass it down from generation to generation without worry.


Replacement Parts on Dake Metalworking Machines

While you can easily find vintage Dake machines that work perfectly, that doesn’t mean that some parts will never need to be replaced. Everything wears down over time, even the rocks in the Grand Canyon. The good news is that you can always find replacement parts for our machines.

Have you ever bought a computer or electronic device, used it for a year or so, and had a part go out on it? If you have experienced this, then you know how difficult it can be to replace some of those parts.

New computers and electronics with rapidly changing technology edge the older models out of the market, and it can be a feat to find replacements. If you do manage to find a replacement part, it most likely can cost a pretty penny. This is not the case with Dake.

The great thing about metalworking is that the basics never change. An arbor press is an arbor press whether it was made yesterday or back in the year 1900.

Since we manufacture all of our machines in-house, we can easily reproduce the exact replacement part that you need for your vintage machine.

You won’t have to listen to a sales pitch about upgrading to a newer model, and you won’t break your bank account replacing an old part with a new one. Our Dake products are built to last and we stand by our machines.


The Iconic Arbor Press

The reason we mention the arbor so much is that it was the first machine that we manufactured here at Dake.

The original arbor press design was a small, hand-operated machine that was made for riveting, punching, inserting, staking, and other tasks that required powerful pressing. Built out of cast iron, these machines have not changed much over the last 100+ years.

Traditionally, folks could find arbor presses that offered 1 to 5 tons of pressing power. The ram was driven by a rack and pinion setup that was beautifully simple and didn’t break easily. Due to this simplistic design, these machines proved to have a very long shelf-life.

Nowadays, we offer many different styles of arbor presses including the traditional single-lever style long with ratchet-lever, compound leverage, and air-operated models. As of this post, we have 20 various arbor press models in our catalog. The maximum pressing power that you can find goes up to 15 tons.


The Mid-Century Hydraulic Press

After World War II, Dake began producing hydraulic presses throughout the 1950s and 60s.

Electronics and computers were just beginning to come to life in the professional realm, and hydraulic presses could be used to cut out floppy disks or even produce components for jet engines. With new technology emerging quickly, metalworking machines had to keep up with the times.

You can still find vintage hydraulic presses today. Just like the arbor press, our experts here at Dake can easily manufacture replacement parts as needed.

Hydraulic presses are most commonly used for forging, clinching, punching, blanking, and other heavy metalworking tasks. A bit more complicated than the arbor press, you might think that finding replacement parts is hard. However, we make it easy to request parts for vintage machines here at Dake.

If you look at our current product selection, you will find nine categories of hydraulic presses available.

These are hand-operated, air-operated, Elec-draulic I, Elec-draulic II, moveable table, utility, manual dura-press, single-phase dura-press, and three-phase dura-press.

Across these nine categories, we have 40 unique models to choose from. You can find the right machine that will be the perfect addition to your metalworking facility.


The Modern Bandsaw

At this point, you may be wondering where do we draw the line at what is considered to be vintage. The general rule of thumb is anything that is older than 20 years is vintage. Our company started producing bandsaws in the mid-80s. So, if you have a bandsaw machine from that time period, it is considered vintage.

Bandsaws are much more complex than presses. As a power tool that uses a toothed, metal blade to cut metal materials, it is very common to replace parts on these machines.

The part that needs replacing most often is, of course, the blade. Bandsaw blades are very particular, and they must remain sharp and in good condition to do their job properly.

If you need to replace the blade on your vintage bandsaw, we can help you. Just get in touch with our experts, and tell us what you need.

We can manufacture the part quickly and have it shipped to you. Replacing a bandsaw blade is quite simple. We even have a quick how-to video that shows you how to replace the bandsaw blade in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorial. Watch the video below.



Today, we offer both horizontal and vertical bandsaws. Our horizontal bandsaw collection includes benchtop, standard-duty, heavy-duty, and mitering bandsaws.

There are nine various models to choose from, and you can also purchase a portable work table right here on our site. As for the vertical bandsaws, we offer 6 different models across 4 categories including the 14-10 Series, Industrial, Trademaster, and Work-A-Matic bandsaws.


Contact Us

If you have questions about your vintage Dake machine or you need to request a replacement part, contact our experts today.

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