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Metalworking Hydraulic Presses General

How To Handle Different Pressing Scenarios

Dake Hydraulic Press Solving Workshop Problems
Table for two!

Say you have a widget that is too darn big and too darn heavy to place on the bed of a standard H-frame style press safely and efficiently. It’s difficult to say the least, trying to load an H-frame with a forklift or an overhead hoist, but you need to press a bushing out of the widget. Oh yeah, and these widgets come in different sizes, so you need flexibility as far as daylight goes. Dake has the answer to this perplexing problem with our movable table presses. If 25 tons are all you need or something larger, like 200-tons, these movable table presses hit the mark. Load your part onto the table safely using a forklift, overhead hoist or using two strong men, then simply roll the table under the workhead, and work your magic. The workhead can be raised or lowered to meet your daylight requirements from one size widget to another. Many models are available to make your life safer and simpler. These machines often can be customized.


I’ve been framed.

Ok, here is another scenario. Say you have a shaft or a steel plate that needs to be straightened, which in itself can be a challenge. Imagine trying to straighten a 6-foot shaft with an H-frame press – constantly moving the part trying to line up the area you need to apply pressure to. Left, right, up, down, etc. etc. It’s nearly impossible to bring the part to the workhead and hit your mark every time. So, bring the workhead to the part instead with a movable frame press. Load your part safely from any side or down from above, move the frame to the location you need to press, then move the workhead to focus-in on the precise area you need to contact. From here on out, it’s gravy. You get the work done easily and safely. Many workhead types, table sizes, and daylights available.


Got Air?

Short on power in your shop, but got air? Need a press, but don’t want to pump it up manually? Maybe you need to operate this press in an explosive atmosphere? The Dake air model presses will do the trick. From 25 to 200-tons with single or dual pump models, available to suit your needs.


Got the push, need the pull.

One mistake often made is getting a press for an application that requires a fixture or die be mounted on the piston of a single acting workhead. A single acting workhead is powered down, but spring return. If the die is too heavy or sticks, the return may not be full or consistent. Dake offers several double acting models that press with lifting power. Keeping your dies and fixtures where and when you want them. From 10-tons through 200-tons models for your applications.


Yellow submarine

Say you have a submarine and on-board you have a small machine shop. Above and beyond any basic repair tools you may need is a press. Power is at a premium and floor space is not something you have a lot of. What do you need? How about a Dake manual H-frame press. From 10 to 150-ton models, they are each super dependable and reliable. Who knows – if trouble arises, that Dake press could be the difference between Davy Jones locker at the ocean’s bottom or surfacing to the top. Heck, even if you don’t have a submarine, a Dake H-frame press can do hundreds of applications just about anywhere at any time.

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