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Metalworking Belt Grinder

F G-75 Belt Grinder: “Go Fast or Go Home”

Dake Corporation Belt Grinder

Remember back in the days of chrome reverse wheels with baby moons and when it was all about cubic inches (not liters) that produced horsepower and torque? Ah yes, the smell of burning rubber. If you like them days then you just might like our FG-75 belt grinder which, instead of burning rubber, will eat a chunk of steel in a short ET.

This grinder sports a metal eating monster 4 HP motor under the hood and one speed... FAST! Tracking the 3” x 79” belt is easy on this beast and will keep you going in a straight line with our belt tracking system. Added bling to this machine sports a wide aluminum rear drive wheel and a wide aluminum front wheel with a vented low-profile 3” x 8” tire for cool running at top speed of 6000 fpm even if you have a so-called lead foot.

Sparks galore when using this machine and we have a built-in spark catcher to keep the grinding sparks in the tool and not on your floor.

Like convertibles, well this is it? Drop the top down of the hinged upper belt guard and it opens you up for full length grinding or the guide plate for a straight edge grinding. If the jacked-up look is your style from years gone by, the grinding head can be jacked-up and adjusted to many angles for the optimum grinding position and looks really cool.

And as Henry Ford said, “You can have it in any color you want as long as its black.” Well, you can also have this grinder in any color, as long as it’s our new aggressive gray with a bold red name plate. A color combo that says, “Get out of my way – I’m coming through.”

Kind of old school, with today’s features that will get you to the finish line in style.

Keep an eye out! This grinder will be available soon!

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