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Topic: Saws

The Best Ways to Saw Through Aluminum

Lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to cut through, aluminum is one of the most popular materials for modern metalworking. 

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A Guide to Vertical Bandsaws

The concept of a bandsaw dates all the way back to 1809 in England. Although there have been many trial and error patents and designs, two types...

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Dake's New Benchtop Horizontal Bandsaws

Metalworking techniques and processes have not changed much over the last century. Arbor and hydraulic presses remain mostly unchanged, and it is...

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The Ultimate Guide to Dake Cold Saws

If you are looking for a metalworking machine that can easily slice to any type of metal, then you should divert your attention to the Dake cold...

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16 Common Saw Blade Failures & Their Causes

Making sure your saw blade is working properly is the best way to reduce downtime and increase production. 

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Chop Saw vs. Cold Saw

Do you know the chills that you get when someone runs fingernails on a blackboard? That's how we feel when we hear a cold saw referred to as a...

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5 Tips to Help You Determine If You Need a Cold Saw or Bandsaw

As a rule of thumb, your application will dictate your options for metal cutting. Here are few tips to help you determine whether a cold saw or a ...

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Dake Tips: How To Change a J-Saw Bandsaw Blade

The J-Saw model band saw is a mighty machine however, it is also one of the more complicated saws to replace a blade on. Follow our step by...

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Cold Saw Selection Guide: How to Select The Best Manually Operated Cold Saw for Your Application

You must strive for a model that will give optimum cutting performance and minimize operator fatigue.

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7 Tips for Maintaining Your Cold Saw

Never try to squeak extra cuts from a worn out, dull blade. This puts undue stress on the machine and will require heavier regrind of the blade...

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