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Topic: Metalworking

Dake: 133 Years of Metalworking Genius

With over 130 years of experience, Dake has cultivated a reputation in the metalworking industry for building reliable, durable, and practical...

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Easy DIY Metalworking Projects You Can Do While Sheltering-In-Place

In the midst of the current global health crisis, most of the country has been urged to shelter-in-place until the COVID-19 outbreak is brought...

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6 Steps to Scale Your Metalworking Hobby into a Business

Metalworking that began as a simple hobby can be easily scaled into a business. As a trade that is highly-sought-after, expanding your...

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A Guide To Social Media Marketing for Your Metalworking Business

So, you’ve turned your metalworking hobby into a business. Now what? Even though a lot of people think that once they open their business...

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What is the Difference Between Single Acting and Double Acting Cylinders?

There are two common types of hydraulic cylinders- single acting and double acting.  But what is the difference between the two? 

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The 5 Most Common Saw Blade Types for Metalworking

There are many types of saw blades available for your metalworking cold saw or band saw depending on the use of the saw. 

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How to Pick The Right Metalworking Press for Your Application

Dake has been in the metalworking press business since 1945. We know presses. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and are used for all kinds...

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