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The Market Outlook for Manufacturing Metalworking Machinery

Manufacturing Metalworking Machinery

Even though the world has come to a virtual stand-still over the last few months, the current market outlook for manufacturing metalworking machinery appears to be bright.

A recent investigative study titled “Metalworking Machines Market Report” finds that the industry is booming and will continue to grow from 2020 to 2027. 


A Global Pandemic

The investigative report, which you can read here, also covers the global impact that the COVID-19 outbreak has had on the industry. It includes an in-depth analysis of the current and future as well as after the pandemic is under control.

Presently, the Gardner Business Index (GBI) shows that metalworking closed out of August 2020 at 48.2, which is the fourth consecutive month of slowing contraction. This is because the demand for products during the COVID-19 quarantine stage did not decrease. It actually went up.

However, with the metalworking facilities closed due to government mandates, many metalworking facilities have not been able to meet the demands of consumers. To be clear, the loss of sales is not due to a lack of demand.


Growth Sectors

This market outlook report provides a comprehensive analysis of the metalworking industry with charts, tables, figures, and graphs, but it also outlines the key players to look out for during the next seven years. 

The report also covers the various types of metalworking machines that are predicted to become more popular in the near future. These are single-/multi-station transfer machines, lathes, drilling machines, and others.

Finally, the study also takes into account which applications will be the most popular for metalworking machines in the future. Producing metal parts for heavy machinery such as farm and construction equipment is a main industry that has made the list. The automotive, aerospace and defense industries are also on the list. 


Dake Drill Presses

Since the future outlook is good and the present demand is high, now is the perfect time to invest in a new Dake drill press. With six unique models to choose from, you can get the right machine for your metalworking shop. We offer floor and bench models that are suitable for workspaces of any size, and we even offer customization to create exactly the kind of machine you need.

Starting with our bench models, we offer two drill presses with drill capacities both measured at 5/8”.

First is the TB-16 model. It comes with a sturdy spindle, a large cast-iron head, a locking handle hub, a Plexiglass shield, and the CE safety electrical package. The large-diameter spindle features four bearing points for a smooth motion, and it has a speed range of 240-3,400 rpm.

The machine is designed to reduce vibrations and provide a stable base to work. A dial-in adjustment and readable scale have been added to the locking handle to quickly change or repeat specific settings. Finally, the CE safety electrical package adds low voltage controls, thermal overload protection, an emergency stop button, an On/Off switch, and a belt cover safety switch.

Moving on to the bench drill press model TB-16V, this version is very similar to the regular TB-16. All of the same standard features carry over onto this model. The main difference is the speed range. The TB-16V is ideal for faster tooling jobs because it can hit speeds ranging between 240-3,400 rpm.

Now, let’s take a look at our floor models. Starting with the SB-16, this particular drill press is very similar to the two bench models. It has a 5/8” drill capacity and all of the same standard features. The spindle speed range is between 240-3,400 rpm. If you are looking for differences, the only one there is to find is the height. This model is much taller than its bench model siblings.

Next is the SB-25V. This model is unique because it features a 1” drill capacity and an LED screen for you to easily read the speed of the spindle. It can also perform drilling tasks in the normal direction and reverse. This is perfect for tapping applications. While the speed range is around 46-3,550 rpm, all of the other standard features carry over.

Then we have the SB-32V model. This machine can also perform forward and reverse drilling for tapping applications. However, the drill capacity is about 1-1/4”. Another slight difference can be seen with the spindle speed as well. Its range is 46-3,473 rpm.

Finally, we also offer the SB-250V drill press floor model. Featuring a 1” drill capacity, this machine will automatically move to the preset depth. It will also bottom out and return on its own. In other words, it can perform forward and reverse motions without any additional action from you. The spindle speed range is slower at 68-1,380 rpm, and all of the aforementioned standard features are included.


Dake Vises

If you have never owned a drill press before, then you might be surprised to know that you need a few vises. These are basically heavy-duty clamps that are designed to fit onto our machines and hold metal pieces in place.

We offer two drill press vises here at Dake. The first is the 3-1/2” DP-4 model. It is a 4” vises with a 3-1/2” opening and a jaw height of 1-1/8”. The second is the DP-4Q model. It is also a 4” vise, but it features a 4-1/8” opening with a jaw height of 1-3/8”. Both models use a V-notch for round clamping.


Request a Quote

If you are ready to take your metalworking shop to the next level, there’s no better time than now. Get in touch with experts here at Dake to learn more about our drill presses, vises, and other metalworking equipment.

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