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Topic: Metalworking

3-Flute Drill Bits and Why You Need Them

While using a drill press might sound like a simple enough task, there are a lot of extra details that change the way you create holes in metal....

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The Market Outlook for Manufacturing Metalworking Machinery

Even though the world has come to a virtual stand-still over the last few months, the current market outlook for manufacturing metalworking...

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How to Create a Professional Finish on Metal Pieces

If you find yourself wishing that you could create a professional-looking finish on your various metal pieces, then we have just what you need. 

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Dake Metalworking Machines are Made of Cast Iron

While some metalworking machines feature steel bases, many pressing machines here at Dake are built on cast iron bases.

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5 Tips on Hiring the Best Metalworking Employees for Your Shop

Whether you run a small shop out of your garage or a full metalworking production line in a factory setting, finding the right people to join your...

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Types of Holes You Can Make with a Drill Press

  Here at Dake, we offer two types of drill presses to cover all of your drilling needs – bench models and floor models. With two bench models and...

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10 Tips to Reduce Workplace-Related Injuries

In industry and business, there is always a chance that mishaps can happen on the job. Those chances are greatly increased in the metalworking...

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Treatments to Help Your Metalworking Machines Last Longer

Whether you are using hand-held tools or power machinery, there is always a way to prolong the lifespan of these metalworking tools. 

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How to Pass Parts Inspections

No matter what kind of metal parts your metalworking shop produces, there’s an inspection that needs to be passed before you can make them...

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Optical Metrology  Improves Metalworking Efficiency

Manufacturing metal parts is tricky business. Based on customer specifications, certain parts need to have a specific level of tolerance. 

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