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3 Types of Arbor Presses Meant For Everyday Applications

When you think arbor presses you may think super old school archaic manual machines, or maybe you don't give it a second thought whatsoever. They are...

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Picking The Right Or Wrong Press For Your Application

When it comes to presses, Dake’s got em! Lots of them! Different sizes, shapes and for all kinds of applications. But choosing the right press is...

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Old School Tips For How To Change The Blade On A J-Saw

As we share this step-by-step guide on how to change a blade on a horizontal Johnson bandsaw, please keep in mind to always use care when removing...

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Horizontal Bandsaw vs. Cold Saw

Applications dictate your options for metal cutting. Here are few tips to what type of saw is right for you.

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Manually Operated Cold Saw Models That Can Cut Materials Like Butter

It is most important to select the proper model or type of manual cold saw for the application. Just because a certain model saw will cut material of...

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Presses And Their 'Pressure Points'

Presses are versatile, handy machines that can simplify a variety of applications in the shop, but what are the key points for which you should own...

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What’s Not To Love About A Cold Saw?

If you like square, clean, burr free, accurate miters, combined with the ability to cut rapidly, then a cold saw should be part of your machine...

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Five Great Reasons For Having A Drill Press In Your Shop

Do you drill holes? Ever try to accurately do it by hand? Most of the time a single hole being drilled can be done by hand with fairly good results....

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The Difference Between A Cold Saw And A Chop Saw

We’ve all had the chills that come from fingernails on a blackboard, or for those of you who aren’t old enough to remember blackboards, have possibly...

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How To Handle Different Pressing Scenarios

Table for two! Say you have a widget that is too darn big and too darn heavy to place on the bed of a standard H-frame style press safely and...

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