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Metalworking Machine Tools | Dake Corp

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5 Reasons You Need a Drill Press for Metalworking

If drilling metal is a way of life for you, you might want to consider getting a drill press. These powerful machines are very versatile and can...

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Planning Your First Workshop- What Machines Are Essential?

Setting up a workshop properly is very important for a good work environment. From the layout, to the size of the space, to the paint color on the...

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Common Hydraulic Press Problems & How to Fix Them

There are many different forms of hydraulic presses but the most simple kind is the hand operated h-frame press. Even though these presses are...

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How to Create a Customer For Life

Creating a customer for life isn’t easy. It takes the effort of the team to make sure that customers are satisfied enough to stick around. 

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Dake Introduces Two New Benchtop Horizontal Bandsaws to Product Line

Dake Corporation is pleased to announce the addition of two new benchtop horizontal bandsaws to its current horizontal bandsaw product line. 

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How to Pick The Right Metalworking Press for Your Application

Dake has been in the metalworking press business since 1945. We know presses. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and are used for all kinds...

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How to Select The Best Semi & Fully Automatic Cold Saw

It is most important to utilize the proper semi or fully automatic cold saw for your application. You must strive for a model that will give...

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