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Metalworking Machine Tools | Dake Corp

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Getting to Know the Work A Matic SXC Vertical Bandsaw

Our line of industrial strength, metalworking vertical bandsaws are engineered for long-lasting, durable, persistent performance. 

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Why the Dake 150 Ton Up Acting Tire Press Is A Long Lasting Investment

No matter what size of tire you’re working with, our hydraulic forklift tire presses can remove tires from wheels quickly and efficiently.

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Practical Tips To Market Your New Metalworking Tools Business

Marketing for your start-up metalworking tools business doesn’t have to be overwhelming or difficult. However, it should absolutely be at the top...

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6 Steps to Scale Your Metalworking Hobby into a Business

Metalworking that began as a simple hobby can be easily scaled into a business. As a trade that is highly-sought-after, expanding your...

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A Guide To Social Media Marketing for Your Metalworking Business

So, you’ve turned your metalworking hobby into a business. Now what? Even though a lot of people think that once they open their business...

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Dake B-10 Utility Press Seal and Spring Repair for Metalworking

In metalworking, machines work hard. Often, you will find that some parts on your metalworking machines may need a little tender loving care. 

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How to Change a Bandsaw Blade on the Dake Johnson J Saw

  Dependable, trouble-free, heavy-duty - this is how people describe the Dake Johnson J Saw.

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How to Clean the Eductor Nozzle on the 5 Series Press

Proper machine maintenance and care come with the territory when you’re in the metalworking business. Using metalworking machines often can lead...

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Best-Advanced Metalworking Tools for Experts

For more than 120 years, Dake has been building metalworking tools for everyone in the industry no matter the skill level. Our high-quality...

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Best Metalworking Tools for Beginners

Metalworking is not just a skill. It’s an art form. Whether your goal is to make decorative pieces for your own garden or to grow a business from...

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