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Why the Dake 150 Ton Up Acting Tire Press Is A Long Lasting Investment

Dake 150 Ton Up Acting Tire Press

No matter what size of tire you’re working with, our hydraulic forklift tire presses can remove tires from wheels quickly and efficiently.

At Dake, we offer a range of custom options for whatever your needs may be. Currently, we have:


This post will delve deep into the world of the electric tire press model 33-672 with 150 ton capacity.



Before that it’s important to remember safety first when you are working with metalworking tools. Refresh your memory by going to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and/or read the tips on the Machine Accidents website which outlines a list of do’s and don’ts to reduce the risk of metalworking accidents.


What to Look for in a Hydraulic Tire Press?

When shopping for your tire press, it can be difficult to understand what differentiates a great tire press from a good one. It can also be daunting to confidently answer the question, “Is this press worth the price tag?”


When looking for the best press, there are six characteristics it needs to have.

1. Tonnage

The higher the tonnage, the more your machine can handle.

You’ll be able to handle most jobs with a 20 ton machine. With a 50 ton press, you’re approaching a professional repair shop level. With the 150 ton Dake model we’re discussing in this post, you’ll have the ability to handle every job imaginable.


2. Usage Type

Before purchasing your press, you need to really understand what the machine is for.

  • What jobs are you wanting to complete?
  • How strong a machine are you needing to buy?

When looking for your tire press, we strongly recommend finding a machine with versatility. Look for presses where you can adjust the tonnage, ram speeds and operating pressures.


3. Duration, Length and Speed of Pressing Stroke

The duration, length and speed of the pressing stroke all determine how much horsepower you’ll need. Similar to the tonnage, the higher the horsepower, the stronger the machine.

In the Dake 150 Ton Up Acting Tire Press, the machine has 10 horsepower.


4. Max System Pressure

Look at what psi the machine develops full tonnage. In the industry, the most common range for presses is 1,000 to 3,000 psi.


5. Overall Quality

Quality is everything. When looking at the overall condition of the machine look at:

  • Frame: examine the thickness, construction-rigidity and dimensional capacity.
  • Cylinder: ask how the machine was constructed, look at whether or not it’s easy to service the machine and examine the diameter.
  • Speed: keep in mind, there are no hydraulic presses today that are as fast as some mechanical presses.
  • Horsepower: as described in number three in this list, horsepower is determined by the duration, length and speed of the pressing stroke.

This list was brought together with the help of Mechanics Scout.

The Dake 150 Ton Up Acting Press has all of the above characteristics. So let’s dive into further understanding this product and how exactly to use the machine.


How To Use the Dake 150 Ton Up Acting Tire Press

  1. Open the gates.
  2. Put your tires in it (make sure they are in the center properly).
  3. Turn on the lights, there are three switches (left, right and center).
  4. Place your tires in the machine.
  5. Close the gate and lock it.
  6. To turn the machine on, press the green button.
  7. Pressing on the four-way valve will make the ram come up.
  8. As seen in the safety features below, when you open either the front or rear gate, the machine automatically shuts off. When you power it back up and the ram is coming close to the top of the machine, there is a limit switch set at an 18-inch drop. When the ram hits the limit switch, the machine will shut off.
  9. To release the ram off the limit switch, you push down the red release lever and gravity will drop the ram back down.
  10. Once you clear the limit switch and close the gate, the machine will start back up.
  11. To change positions, use the silver pins above the front gate. Use the top pin to take the slack out of the cable, pull the pins out, raise your table up to the top or wherever you need it. Then put all six pins back in, once they are all back in the machine, release the tension on the cable.

If you have any more questions about using the 150 Ton Up Acting Tire Press, feel free to reach out or watch the video at the beginning of this article.


Safety features

  • If you open the gate, the limit switches the release and the machine powers off. The gate has to be shut and locked in order for the machine to work.
  • If you open the rear gate, the power also is automatically shut off, similar to what happens with the front gate.
  • The protective guard at the bottom of the machine is there if something falls off the back or side of the ram. It prevents anything from hitting the motor or the two blinds. The guard is fitted perfectly to the gate.
  • The handle on the side opposite to the on and off buttons is for ratcheting the table up and down.


Innovative Features

People rely on our tire presses as they are dependable, well-made and have many innovative features, including:

  • 150 ton capacity for handling large forklift tires.
  • Large 7-3/4” ram provides platen stability and longer seal life.
  • The upper movable head channel provides 15” of travel for easy set-up.
  • Easily removable pins allow the head channel to be set in four different positions.
  • Eliminates outside servicing delays and truck downtime.
  • Expanded metal guard with larger 1” openings.
  • 18” Stroke, 17” IPM speed


Standard Tools

Beyond the innovative and safety features of the Dake 150 Ton Up Acting Tire Press, the machine offers the quality standard tools customers know and love.

  • The machine has a rigidity steel frame.
  • The table pins are easily removable (see the section “How to use the Dake 150 Ton Up Acting Tire Press”).
  • There is an upper moveable head channel.
  • Crank.
  • Strong metal guarding.
  • Pressure gauge.

Want to discover more about the Dake 150 Ton Up Acting Tire Press? Click here.

If you want to learn more about our complete product line here at Dake, click here to find a distributor or visit our product page.

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