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How to Create a Customer For Life

customers for life

Creating a customer for life isn’t easy. It takes the effort of the team to make sure that customers are satisfied enough to stick around. 

What we have learned from over 130 years in business is that you must provide quality products, great experiences, and have strong communication with your customers.

At Dake, we constantly hear testimonials of people who have owned one of our presses for 30+ years; they are always amazed that the presses still work as if they were brand new. This is because we pride ourselves on quality and service support. 

how to create a customer for life


Creating the Best Possible Experience

Our goal at Dake is for our customers to have the best possible experience when interacting with our organization. We honor our legacy by providing the best customer service achievable. To do this, it is important to listen to your customer.

By highlighting the different applications of our products, we can better serve the customer and help them to decide what will be best for their needs. Our in-house customer service technicians have the knowledge to help customers at all times.

Real people helping customers in real-time can make a huge difference for enhancing the experience for the consumer. Understanding the customer is one key elements in creating a customer for life.


Communication, Communication, Communication

Communication from our sales and customer service teams is key in creating a customer for life. Our sales team has many years of experience in our industry, making them knowledgeable about products and applications to best support our customers.

This is a lead selling feature for the customer because they know they are getting the guidance they need; they know we care.

From initial call in through after purchase support, our customers know they will always be able to speak with a person. Through this communication, we are able to earn the trust of our customers time and time again.

We live by the phrase “Dake’s got your back”. By having the back of your customer, they know they can always rely on you to get them what they need.


Quality is Power

Through producing our life-long presses and top-notch machine tools, we have established that our legacy in the industry is not just about how many years we have been in business, but the quality of our machinery.

Along with continuing to build quality equipment, we are constantly analyzing our business both internally and externally to determine how we can improve our processes, approach to the market, and service to buyers.

Looking to the future, we are beginning to expand our product line with new innovative products to add value for our customers. 

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