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Utility Presses

How to Assemble the Dake B-10 Utility Press

Dake B-10 Utility Press

As a premier metalworking machine company, Dake is well-known for carrying the best metalworking machines and power tools in the industry. 

While our inventory is loaded with various machines that can do just about any metalworking job, today we are going to focus on one of our most popular models - the B-10 Hydraulic Utility Press.

In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to assemble the press and tell you everything you need to know about it.



Before starting any metalworking project, it’s important to remember safety first when you are working with metalworking tools.

Refresh your memory by going to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and/or read the tips on the Machine Accidents website which outlines a list of do’s and don’ts to reduce the risk of metalworking accidents.


Utility Hydraulic Press: Model B-10

Here at Dake, we have nine different categories for hydraulic presses.

These include the following:

  • Hand Operated Presses
  • Air Operated Presses
  • Elec-draulic I Presses
  • Elec-draulic II Presses
  • Moveable Table Presses
  • Manual Dura Presses
  • Single Phase Dura-Presses
  • Three Phase Dura-Presses
  • Utility Hydraulic Presses

If you look into each category, you will find numerous models that were created for very specific purposes. For the Utility Hydraulic Press category, there are three available models. In this post, we will be focusing on the B-10 model.

With a 10-ton capacity, this petite machine is more durable than it may look. As a manual powered press, it’s the perfect addition for any hobbyist or home metalworking shop. It’s also a bench press, which means that you can move it around your shop as needed.

As long as you have a workbench or table to put it on, it will work just fine anywhere. This model comes standard with a traversing head and removable nose pieces for creating custom metalworking pieces. It also includes an owner’s manual, table plates, and a gauge.

Special features on this particular machine include a single-speed hand pump with an adjustable mount, a large diameter piston with an internal spring return, a moveable hydraulic pressing cylinder, and an adjustable table.

With features like these, it’s easy to see why the B-10 Utility Press is so popular among the metalworking community.


Assembling the B10 Utility Press

Step 1 - First, assemble the uprights and the head channel using the supplied bolts. This frame structure will look like a rectangle when you’ve finished putting together the pieces.

To secure the bolts, push them through the front of the machine and twist on the nuts from the back. Be sure that the bolts and nuts are tightly secured and square up your press before moving on to the next step.

Step 2 - Next, take the two table pins and insert them into the designated holes on each side of the uprights. Then, place the table channel inside the uprights with the v-notch facing down. It should lock into place by sitting securely on top of the table pins.

Step 3 - Now, you can set the two table plates on top of the table channel.

Step 4 - You have two traversing plates. One is thicker with threading inside the hole. The second one is much thinner. The thinner one goes on top of the head channel, and the thicker one goes on the underside of the head channel. Use bolts and nuts to lock the traversing plates in place. You should still be able to slide the traversing plate left to right once it is secured into position.

Step 5 - Get your piston cylinder and remove the black support cap. Slide the piston into the holes on the installed traversing plate and turn it to secure into place.

Step 6 - Then, finish securing the piston side the traversing plate using the ring nut, a screwdriver, and a hammer.

Step 7 - Look at the top of the piston, and you will notice a small plug. Remove this plug by unscrewing it from the top. In its place, you can screw on the gauge. You can use vice grips to lock it onto the top of the piston.

Step 8 - Twist the nose piece onto the bottom of the piston.

Step 9 - Attach the cylinder fitting for the hand pump to the top side of the piston. Do not use vice grips for this.

Step 10 - Check the relief valve at the bottom of the hand pump cylinder to ensure that it is working properly.

Step 11 - You are now ready to pump the B-10 Utility Press by hand.


Dake Product Lines

Dake has been a trusted metalworking machine manufacturer since 1887. With well over a century of creating efficient machines and products, our company has built up an inventory of some of the best metalworking equipment on the market.

Our product line expands far beyond hydraulic presses. We also carry bandsaws, belt grinders, vises, laboratory presses, cold saws, arbor presses, tire presses, and so much more.

Whatever machinery you need in your metalworking shop, we’ve got it. From home shops to industrial facilities, our machines can take your workspace to the next level.


Learning with Dake

Passion and drive are two key factors for any business to thrive. Our experts here at Dake have both, and we love to share those qualities with other metalworking enthusiasts.

That’s why we created a video library featuring clips of our machines in action. With how-to guides and quick tutorials, you can learn how to set up your equipment, maintain it, and even how to use these machines for your next metalworking project.

You can also search our blog for informative articles about metalworking topics.


Custom Solutions

At Dake, we know that not all metalworking projects are created equal. Sometimes specific projects require a little customization in order to be executed properly. That's why we offer custom solutions at Dake.

Since we manufacture metalworking machines, we have the ability to customize them to suit your specific needs. If you are planning a difficult project or you are currently undertaking one that requires a specific application, get in touch with our specialists today.

We will go over the specifics of your intended project and help you determine the best route to take, which machines will help you along the way, and if any customizations need to be made.

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