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Getting to Know the Work A Matic SXC Vertical Bandsaw

Vertical Bandsaw

Our line of industrial strength, metalworking vertical bandsaws are engineered for long-lasting, durable, persistent performance. 

From 14-10 Series to Industrial to Trademaster, and finally to Work-A-Matic, no matter what the job or budget, we guarantee you will find the saw that meets every one of your shop’s needs. 

No matter which vertical saw you choose, the robust frame construction reduces wobble and vibration guaranteeing a precise cut with few to no errors. 

Check out our other vertical bandsaws here. In this post, we proudly showcase the epitome of innovation — the Work-A-Matic SXC Vertical Bandsaw — our vertical gravity feed saw that allows for hands-free operation. 

One more thing before we move on to the good stuff: When operating heavy-duty tools, it’s important to remember the dangers involved. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) on the Machine Accident’s website outlines a list of do’s and don’ts to reduce the risk of metalworking accidents.



Five Characteristics to Look for in a Metal Bandsaw 

Before examining Work A Matic SXC Vertical Bandsaw, let’s first take a step back and define what makes an industrial strength bandsaw. 


1. Size

Whether you’re looking for a horizontal or vertical bandsaw, size matters. 

When debating what size to purchase, keep in mind how much space you’ll need, look at the size of the saw table, and make sure it’s large enough to support your working materials. It’s also important to think about your body, you don’t want to strain your muscles while using the machine, so make sure it’s the proper height.

For reference, the SXC has a worktable height of 36-½-inches, a maximum work height of 14-½-inches and a machine height of 66-inch. 




2. Speed Adjustments

When it comes to speed, it’s best to have a bandsaw with multiple settings, so you can select the best operating option for whatever you need to cut. 

According to Welding Insider, steel and brass require a low cutting speed of about 100 ft. per minute, whereas aluminum needs closer to 1,000 ft. per minute. 

The SXC operates at 540 ft. per minute.


3. Blade Angle and Pressure 

The best saws have multiple cutting angles and pressures. The typical cut angles in a bandsaw is between 30 and 45 degrees, with some machines approaching closer to 60 degrees. And if a tool can offer versatility in your blade pressure, that’s an opportune characteristic.

For reference, the SXC has a 45-degree angle and has infinitely adjustable blade pressure. 


4. Portability 

The more you need to move around your shop with a tool, the more important it is to choose a bandsaw with seamless portability. 

We recommend choosing a machine with wheels and a wheel lock to prevent accidental rolling. These locks prevent you from getting hurt and damaging your machine.  




5. Safety

As you know working in this industry, safety is everything. When purchasing your bandsaw, look for machines where the idler and guide are hidden in the saw’s frame by metal covers. Ideally, the machine will also have blade guards that not only protects your fingers, but also stays in place no matter the cutting angle. 

We also recommend you look at the machine’s coolant system when debating a bandsaw. You want to make sure the motor and pulley systems don’t overheat with extensive use. 

The list of characteristics was brought together with the help of Welding Insider

Alright, now let’s move on to the good stuff. The Work-A-Matic SXC Vertical Bandsaw offers each characteristic outlined above, but it goes beyond those identified in our list. There’s a reason it’s the epitome of innovation.


Advantages Of The Work-A-Matic SXC Vertical Bandsaw 

The Work-A-Matic SXC Vertical Bandsaw is gravity-fed for hands-free operation with blade speeds up to 540 ft. per minute and a 9-inch blade travel. 

The machine allows for fast set-up and with effortless changes between cut off saw, contour saw and rip saw, it’s ideal for production. 

Featuring four-blade speeds, the saw has infinitely adjustable blade pressure and enclosed guarding for the step pulley and bottom wheel assembly.

There is a flow control valve conveniently located on the front of the saw. It operates the variable feed system with a hydraulic-feed regulator. 

The SXC comes with a seed clamp assembly, cutting chart and minor gauge.

If you want to make the saw even better, there is a heavy duty locking caster and work lamp for greater visibility available as add-ons. 


Cutting-Edge Features

Simply put, people rely on our bandsaws. They are dependable, durable, long-lasting and have many innovative features, including:

  • A gravity feed, as mentioned above. What this means is the blade feeds into the material by gravity, which allows for hands-free operation.
  • There are low voltage controls with thermal overload and an E-stop for emergency stop and start situations.
  • Both the frame and the base are made from heavy duty welded steel for rigidity. These bandsaws are built to handle the toughest environments.


Standard Tools

The cutting-edge features take our bandsaws to the level of innovation we strive for, but the standard tools ensure the quality customers know and love.

Standard tools in the Work-A-Matic SXC Vertical Bandsaw include:

  • C-Clamp Assembly
  • One Standard Blade
  • Steel Base
  • Cutting Chart
  • Head Lock
  • Miter Gauge
  • Hydraulic Feed Control



What Customers Say About the Work-A-Matic SXC Vertical Bandsaw?

Before investing in a new bandsaw, it’s best to look at the experience of others, workers who were once in your shoes. 

According to a customer review on Garage Journal, the SXC is the type of saw that gets the job done.

“[It’s a] really nice saw. I could set up a part and just walk away. It's one of those tools that does the job of two fairly well.”

And Stacey David had similar sentiments in his video demonstrating a Work-A-Matic Vertical Bandsaw.

“One tool that is extremely important when you’re working with metal is the vertical bandsaw, but not everyone has the room [for a large, robust machine], luckily Dake has the Work-O-Matic Vertical Bandsaw,” says David. 


“This thing is not only small, light-weight and completely portable, it also has built-in clamps to hold your work in place and has a bigger table so you can weld and use it as a work station.”

David goes on to describe how beneficial it is to have a strong saw. 

“The saw is very powerful and there is gravity-feed operation, so all you do is flip the lever, and let the saw do the work!” says David excitedly. 

The best part of the saw, according to David, is the flexibility this machine allows you to have. 

“If your shop is tight on space, and you need a vertical bandsaw that also acts as a workstation, the Dake Work-A-Matic is for you.”

As evident in both our conversations with customers and from the online reviews, there is nothing that comes close to the quality of the Work-A-Matic SXC Vertical Bandsaw. Click here to discover more

If you want to learn more about our complete product line here at Dake, click here to find a distributor or visit our product page.

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