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Hydraulic Presses

What Hydraulic Presses Can Do For You

what hydraulic presses can do

Remember back in the day when you were 12 years old and had an extra penny. What did you do with it? If you were like a lot of kids, that penny was destined to be squished by the 3:43 train that came through each day. 

Nothing was more satisfying at that age then picking up that flattened piece of copper off the tracks seeing the transformation of the penny to twice its original size and a fraction of its thickness. 

Well, squishing things never gets old. Now that we have outgrown pennies on railroad tracks, there is a much better and safer way of flattening, bending, straightening, testing and pressing all types of thing. Hydraulic presses have taken the lead when it comes to any application that requires any type of pressure to get the job done.  

If you need to flatten a part nothing works better than a hydraulic press. Precise control of the press allows you to flatten with precision and safety.

How about bending- Have a part that needs to be bent? Hydraulic presses are there.

Straightening presses can save the day if you need to straighten a part that is critical to your operations that has broken down and cannot wait for a replacement. Plate steel straightening or flattening can be a big job unless you use Dake’s movable frame presses. They make the job easy, efficient, and safe.

Pressing with hydraulics is the only way to go for the tough jobs. When you have a hydraulic press, there is no more hammering the part together (Lets face it, we have all done it at one time or another). Pressing part A into part B has never been more simple, correct, or painless than with a hydraulic press.

Then there comes testing, or as we like to call it “Destructive Testing”. This type of pressing is the favorite among most. Over the years, applications for destroying things have come our way, from oil filter smashing to credit card machine destruction and many others in-between.

If you have an application for destructive testing (or a penny to squish), hydraulic presses are the only way to go.

Whether you need one of the wide range of standard presses we have to offer or a special model made just for you, Dake can get you what you need to get the pressing job done. Contact us today to find the right hydraulic press for your application. 


Dake Force 100 DA Test Press

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