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4 Saw Blade Maintenance Tips to Extend The Life Of Your Saw

Saw Blade Maintenance

We all know that performing simple, regular maintenance on your machine tool is less expensive than having a technician fix it. 

That being said, here are 4 simple saw blade maintenance tips to help extend the life of your saw. 

1. Keep cutting area clear of metal chips

Just like you don't want salt from the winter ruining your car's paint job, you don't want metal chips to ruin your saw blade. Keeping the cutting area clean will prevent stray chips from running through the kerf during the cut.

Having a properly adjusted chip brush is also critical in cleaning chips from your saw. Make sure the brush just "kisses" the teeth of the saw blade.  


2. Make sure all fluids are fresh and at the proper level

Having fresh coolant with the proper mixture will extend the life of your saw blade. Check to make sure that coolant has the proper flow. Changing the gearbox oil on a regular basis will give you a smoother cut.

Don't forget to check the hydraulic oil level often. This will extend not only the life of the blade, but the life of the saw. 


3. Check that guides and the blade are properly aligned

All blade guides must be able to operate freely, have proper alignment and adjustment in order to obtain top performance. Proper alignment of the saw's blade track is critical.

Wheels that are not in alignment can damage blades by riding low on one wheel and tight against the lip of the other. Improper tracking can cause swagging of the edge and popping of the saw blade off the wheels. If this happens the blade will have a camber and will be very difficult to track in the future.


4. Perform operation checks and test the machine set up regularly 

Having a machine that is set up properly is the best way to maintain smooth operation of your saw and saw blade. Correct operation of the machine will provide less maintenance problems, higher cutting capacity, and will extend the overall life of your machine tool. 

Follow these saw blade maintenance tips on a regular basis and you are guaranteed to be happy with the performance of your saw for years to come! 

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